Building A Network of Youth Farmers by Yinka Adesola
March 30, 2016

We have come to understand that most people want to venture into agriculture but have a lot of challenges among which are:

1. Access to arable land
2. Technical knowledge and support
3. Labour Sourcing
4. Farm implements
5. Water for irrigation

Our group has come up with solutions to this issues.

This involve partnering with individuals to start up their desired farm.

1. Land
We have arable and ploughable land for you. You will be allowed to make use of it for 6 month before paying.

2. Technical Knowledge and support.
This we will provide when you attend our on farm practical training for minimum of a month.

3. Labour Challenges
We will provide you with labour to be paid back at harvest

4. Farm Implements
All are readily available on the farm at some charges.

5. Water for irrigation.
You don’t have to worry about dry season. We have borehole to supply your crop.

It cant be true!!!
There must be something they want

Yes it is true
And what we want is building a network of youth farmers that will produce the same quality of goods to meet the demand of our customers.

Proceeds get to be shared at harvest.
Participants has a target to meet

Yes you have plenty questions.
We will attend to them.
Let them roll in
yinka adesola media

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  1. Tumbs up 4 u guys! Hw do I be part of d benefitiaries?

  2. March on. Great strides

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