Our Visit to Hill Agribusiness Development Center
March 24, 2016

In pursuit of a lasting business relationships, leveraging, partnership and networking, the Agribusiness Systems and Technologies Limited (www.agribusinesssystems.com) Team led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Adewale Ilesanmi , the Nigeria’s Agribusiness and Enterprise Strategist (www.adewaleilesanmi.com) and the Hill Agribusiness Development Center Team also led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bunmi Don Sola , a leading Agribusiness Coach and Consultant and a television guest in the foremost television stations in Nigeria which include (Television Continental , Channels etc) met at the ultra modern and purposely built center of the Hill Agribusiness Development Center in Abeokuta , Ogun State.

Contemporary realities have shown that no single organization can do it all without collaboration and developing synergy with like minds and serious minded and purpose driven organizations. It is in light of this that these two unique organizations met and discussed for long hours how to help develop agribusiness in Nigeria and provide the right impetus for agribusiness growth in the Country.

The discussions also centered on developing and partnering in our systems, structure, practice, process and charting a new direction for agribusiness development in Nigeria. The two companies also projected that this may lead to great investment in every area of agribusiness which will lead to creating job for our teeming youth, generate income and ensure food security for all the citizens’ of this country. In concrete terms, the issues that arose from this meeting included; training, advocacy, joint business solutions, exchange etc.

We wish these formidable teams, a successful journey ahead. Gives you an edge ahead…

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